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Here at Vibrant Piercing Academy we provide a 2 day intensive piercing course to small groups of up to 5 individuals!

On day one we will be going through the theory in full depth; this will involve familiarizing yourself with all the necessary information you need to be a body piercer. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, go through each topic thoroughly, view demonstrations when possible, and make sure everyone is 100% comfortable. Each student will also receive a free kit full of fake body parts which they can take home, and we will then go on to pierce these for the second half of the day, performing every single piercing, to practice techniques. The course syllabus can be viewed here:

⦁ all body and facial piercings 
⦁ consent forms
⦁ conditions that prevent people from getting pierced
⦁ what to do if you accidentally stab yourself with a needle
⦁ ways to prevent getting a bloodborne virus as a piercer
⦁ Bloodborne pathogens
⦁ cross-contamination
⦁ how to sterilise equipment
⦁ setting up/breaking down station
⦁ disposing of sharps
⦁ piercing equipment, tools, and jewellery
⦁ materials and metals
⦁ needle types
⦁ pain minimisation
⦁ skin layers
⦁ nerves/arteries/veins
⦁ keloids/hypertrophic scarring
⦁ incorrect piercing anatomy
⦁ being a confident piercer
⦁ fainting customers
⦁ jewellery sizes and correct placements
⦁ infections/irritations
⦁ healing times
⦁ aftercare
⦁ insurance and licensing

For the second day of the course, we will be piercing live models in our live tattoo studio; Vibrant Ink. Students will need to provide their own models to perform one to two piercings of their choice on, as we provide a fully working, brand new range of silicone models on which students will perform all piercings included in the syllabus; which they also take home and can re-use multiple times.

Piercing in a live studio gives you the full experience you need to understand how the real-life piercing business works. You will be in charge of the entire process, from welcoming your model, running them through the consent form process, to cleaning up after with all the correct techniques. 

You would then graduate upon completion of this course and receive a certificate from us which you can display wherever you wish to work!
We also provide lifetime care which means we will always be available for advice or to answer any questions you may have. We will also assist in you finding placement after completion of course if we feel you have special potential, as we have some great links. 

We will have small breaks for refreshments throughout the day, and will have an hour’s lunch break at around 1pm so everyone is feeling fresh and sharp. We will also provide some light drinks and snacks to keep everyone happy.
Our course hours are:

Monday & Tuesday 10am-5pm
Lunch: 1pm

The piercings we will be learning are:

⦁ Lobe
⦁ Helix
⦁ Tragus
⦁ Anti tragus
⦁ Industrial
⦁ Forward helix
⦁ Daith
⦁ Rook
⦁ Conch
⦁ Eyebrow
⦁ Bridge
⦁ Nostril
⦁ Septum
⦁ Monroe
⦁ Medusa
⦁ Labret
⦁ Vertical labret
⦁ Lip
⦁ Nipple
⦁ Navel 

Price £495

Any deposits/payments are non-refundable. Make sure you can attend to the course before booking the slot.