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Why are piercings so addictive?

Why are piercings so addictive?

So, guys! There’s an actual science behind why getting piercings is SO addictive (besides the fact that they look neat as hell and all your friends will think you’re brave, cool, and will get stuck to a giant magnet if you ever happen to pass one.)

Your brain goes through an interesting process when you get a piercing. Whenever you go through acute physical pain, your brain ends up releasing a bunch of endorphins. These endorphins then float over to your body’s opiate receptors and high five those, activating them.

That’s why you feel really, reaaaaaally good despite having your tongue impaled like a kebab two minutes ago!

Seriously speaking, there are many reasons as to why piercings are so important for people:

1. They make people feel genuinely good about their bodies.

Many people suffer with negative self body images, or have parts of their body that they are insecure about. Piercings can help you to love these parts of yourself more.

2. It’s a way to take back control. Many people feel piercings are a way to take back control of their lives and rebel in a way. This can be liberating!

3. Cultural reasons. In many places, piercings actually have meanings. In India, nostril piercings are adorned to worship Indian goddesses, and septum piercings are worn traditionally as a sign of marriage. Many indigenous tribes also have various body modifications and piercings to show religious/spiritual significance, or status. Large septum piercings amongst tribal people are often worn to make warriors look dangerous and brutal.

4. Wacky superstitions. For brief period within history, it was thought that demons could enter one’s body through the ear canals, and that metal acted as protection against them. For this reason, people would get their ears pierced.

5. Historical reasons. Throughout history, sailors would actually pierce their ears to be able to pay for their own funeral with the jewellery if they were to die at sea (given their bodies were found)!

6. Rituals and sacrificial reasons. Within the period of the 14th-16th centuries, Mayans and Aztecs are said to have originated tongue piercings as a kind of blood sacrifice; often even passing threads through the wound to increase bleeding! Many shamans and spiritual priests would pierce their tongues because it placed them in an altered state of consciousness; therefore being said to help them have a clearer path of communication with the Gods.

7. They’re cute. Yeah, anyway, on a lighter note- they’re just gosh darn cute as hell!