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Why become a piercer?

What is a body piercer?

Body piercing is any process which involves making a cut, incision or puncture of the skin, cartilage or other body part for the purposes of body modification.
Most body piercing refers to the process of making an incision in the skin for the purposes of wearing jewellery.

Why become a body piercer?

Being a body piercer is a great career for many reasons! A lot of us are working a 9-5 and having to constantly ask permission for everything in our lives. We put up with bullying, micro-management, and bad bosses. As a body piercer, you would be self employed, meaning you can choose the hours and days you want to work, the people you want to work with, and many more things. This is a step to creative freedom!
The top piercer salary in the UK is roughly £61,000, with the national average being around £31,000. How much money you make depends on you, your skills, and your marketing abilities; so the sky is the limit in our industry!
It’s also a trade you can take to any country in the world, which is arguably the best part of the job. A lot of people are anchored to their countries through their jobs; however body piercing is a skill you can take anywhere as long as you have your own two hands.